Thursday, October 13, 2016

Advice from Dad - Buy Quality Tools

My Dad always said to buy the best tools you can afford and then take good care of them.

This has worked out pretty well for me. I have purchased a couple of expensive, quality computers and they have far outlasted their computing generation.

My shovels last more than one gardening season.

I have and use a pair of decent headphones that I purchased in the early nineties.

If you buy good hiking boots they last more than one season.

Good knives stay sharp longer and make your kitchen work easier, forever.

You have to have good kitchenware to produce good results. I've been able to piece together a good collection of pots n pans from garage sales. I love my 40 year old cast iron skillet. I will be able to pass it down to my grandchildren.

When I was in college, I did some house painting. Using higher quality brushes allowed me to work faster and produce better results.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Here's some important information about the presidential election this year. Can you change your mind if new information is presented?