Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Horribly Wrong: Adwords keyword tool advertiser competition

Google's Adwords Keyword tool supposedly shows how much competition there is for a given keyword phrase, but sometimes when I perform a search on that keyword in Google, I see no ads whatsoever.

Here is an example:
According to Adwords there is a medium high degree of advertiser competition for the phrase "visa logo"

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Yet when I go to Google and do a search for "visa logo" I get zero ads.

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So, what is going on here?

When I am working with Adsense or Adwords I have started doing searched to verify that there are competing ads in Google. In Adsense, if you are trying to write content for a high competition ad, to get highly paid clicks, then you will want to know that there really are NO advertisers for that keyword.

In Adwords, no advertisers can mean a niche that none of your competitors have discovered, which is like finding money on the street.

Your thoughts?


Marf said...

My thoughts are to not worry if your content targets high-paying ads. Instead, write content that is interesting to lots of people. Once you get a good readership, the clicks will follow.

Techwiz said...

Writing quality content that is interesting is always the best plan. But, in choosing what to write about, a main theme for a blog, it pays to pick something that you have an interest in AND has high cost per clicks.

Thanks for coming back again, Marf!