Thursday, December 16, 2010

Palm 755p reboots whenever I access a memo, part three.

Alright, so the Palm 755p started rebooting whenever I accessed a particular memo. Different idea this time. Instead of deleting MemosDB-PMem from the internal memory space and then restoring all my memos, I just fixed the one memo that was busted.
I did a regular hotsync first.
  1. I copied the contents of the memo from the Palm Desktop into a temp Notepad document. I deleted all the trailing spaces at the end of the memo in Notepad.
  2. I deleted the memo from the Palm Desktop.
  3. I performed a hotsync, Hotsync settings: Memos - Desktop overwrites handheld. This removed the corrupted memo from the palm. In the hotsync settings I only enabled Memos, in order to save time. 
  4. Then, I copied the contents of the memo from my temp Notepad document, pasted into a new Memo in the Palm Desktop. Another hotsync, (set to Synchronize, or Desktop overwrites handheld), and the memo is back on the Palm. Now I can access the Memo and the Palm doesn't reboot.
  5. Don't forget to return your sync settings to synchronize Palm and desktop, and to re-enable all the apps that you want synced.

This is by far the easiest way to recover from the problem where your Palm restarts whenever you access a memo.

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