Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where to find and get a domain name?

Someone asked me where I go to look up domain names to see if they are available

For FINDING a domain name I use two places. puts together endings and beginnings for you and checks to see if they are available. Very handy. has a ...well I used to use the bulk search feature at dotster but they redesigned and it's not there any more. So,

I guess, for you, since you don't have any domains I'd start REGISTERING with

Update: well, I guess 1and1 is not a good option, because this. Apparently went over and above the call of duty here, and I loves me some good customer service, so you might give them a look, too.

Make sure you always get private registration so that spammers can't grab your email addr from the domain records database and start spamming you. (Gmail is also very handy in this regard). Also, you'll get junk mail at the address that you use to register the domain unless you get private registration.

I have almost all my domains registered at I moved them there from Dotster, and I moved them to Dotster from Hostway. Dotster was a fine registrar but they jacked their prices way up.

Alternately, if you want to go totally free, you can get a blog at or I've seen people use these for their local businesses, and my professional opinion is that this is totally okay. So you might be able to get

Did I tell you that someone wanted to buy one of my old domains for $300...too bad I had already abandoned it. I guess you have to hold onto them for a while. I still kick myself for missing the domain boat. Gah!

Update May 14, 2014: Edited out recommendation for 1and1, and Hey! I sold a domain for $4000! Need to find me some more like that!

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